Name: Emil Strindemark  
Location: Sweden, Gothenburg 
Title:  Customer Service Export, Greencarrier Liner Agency
Working at  Greencarrier  since:  January 2018 
Describe yourself in three words: Ambitious, humble and curious.  

Why do you work at  Greencarrier  and what is it like?
I am interested in the shipping Industry and Greencarrier enables me to practice my interests. Working at Greencarrier is challenging in a good way, which keeps me motivated to take on more responsibilities. 

What is the most exciting part of your job?    
Since customer service is a big part of my everyday workload I would say customer relationships.  

What does your workday look like?   
A flood of e-mails, fast decisions, co-operations and coordination of shipments leaving the country sailing towards various destinations all over the world.

What inspires you - in both work and life?   
Ambitious people who are not afraid to take action in making a change. 

How do you apply the  Greencarrier core values in your day- to-day work – Commitment, Involvement and Humour & Joy?    
Everyday I go to work with an open-mindset always striving to be as efficient as possible. Furthermore I believe involvement is a great tool in order to develop as a person, therefore I am often keen to participate in various projects and events. Of course I also try to spread as much joy as possible, hopefully affecting people at the office in a good way. 

Which are the biggest trends within the industry right now?  
Larger vessel enabling more TEU capacity and digitalization of Bill of Lading. My guess is that the common underlying reason for these two trends are efficiency and environmental awareness. 

What differs  Greencarrier  from other employers?   
In my opinion Greencarrier is a caring company. It feels like the company really are putting its employees first.