Name: Gavin Borthwick
Location:  Immingham, United Kingdom
Title:  Internal Sales Coordinator, Greencarrier Freight Services
Working at Greencarrier since: May 2015
Describe yourself with three words: Dedicated, Friendly, Ambitious.

Why do you work at Greencarrier and what is it like?  
I joined Greencarrier because it is a rapidly expanding and exciting company to work for. They have a clear vision and walk the walk rather than just talk the talk. A rare thing these days in transport! 

What does your workday look like?  
I don’t actually have a typical day. The first part of my day is usually spent catching up on emails and making sure my customers are receiving what we’ve promised. A lot of my day is spent talking to customers and to the other Greencarrier countries negotiating rates on shipments, and some of my day is spent investigating companies through Linkedin, contacting businesses both in the UK and abroad and trying to negotiate new sales. I also deal with process management in the UK as well as IT, so sometimes there’s a bit of that chucked in too! No day is ever the same!

Which are the biggest trends within the industry right now?  
Blockchain and Rail seem to be the rising stars now. As a self-confessed tech geek, I think Blockchain will really revolutionise how we all work within transport on a day-to-day business and will really create massive benefits for early adopters.

What is the most exciting part of your job?   
I love that no one day is the same. Freight by its very nature is exciting to me and that is why I love doing what I do.

What inspires you - in both work and life?  
In work the people around me whose passion for their work makes Greencarrier such a fantastic place to work constantly inspire me. In Life I’m inspired by my daughter, whose innocence and joy has taught me to laugh more, care more, and most importantly to live more.

What differs Greencarrier from other employers?  
The people. I’ve never worked with a more passionate, caring, friendly and unique bunch of people.

Tips for others who would like to work at Greencarrier?  
Have a genuine passion in transport. If you truly enjoy what you do and are always willing to learn and work hard, you will fit right in at Greencarrier.