Name: Gavin Borthwick
Location:  International
Title:  Road Process Specialist, Greencarrier Freight Services International AB
Working at Greencarrier since: May 2015
Describe yourself with three words: Dedicated, Friendly, Ambitious.

Why do you work at Greencarrier and what is it like?  

I joined Greencarrier because it is a rapidly expanding and exciting company to work for. They have a clear vision and walk the walk rather than just talk the talk. The people within Greencarrier are not only it’s biggest asset and strength but also its best feature.

What does your workday look like?  

I don’t actually have a typical day. The first part of my day is usually spent catching up on emails and assisting people with any urgent queries they may have about how to approach a certain situation or problem within our system or existing process. A lot of my day is spent looking at how our countries are operating within our transport management system and Cargowise and looking for ways to improve on existing methods and techniques. I also spend some of my day looking at existing SOP’s and guides or training material which we provide our colleagues with and ensuring they are up to date. When I’m not doing that I’m testing software and figuring out new and better ways for our colleagues to work within the Road division and then taking the steps to put those better ways of working into effect.

Which are the biggest trends within the industry right now?  

The biggest trend at the moment and probably for the foreseeable future will be Last Mile Delivery. As the retail sector shrinks and e-commerce continues to grow this topic will continue to be the focus for most transport companies.

What is the most exciting part of your job?    

I travel a lot to other offices within the Greencarrier group to visit and meet my colleagues, to provide training and to assess processes currently in place. This is easily the best part of my job as I get to see many of our offices, meet some fantastic people and get to see some beautiful locations around the world.

What inspires you - in both work and life?   

In work the people around me whose passion for their work makes Greencarrier such a fantastic place to work constantly inspire me. In Life I’m inspired by my daughter, whose innocence and joy has taught me to laugh more, care more, and most importantly to live more.

What differs Greencarrier from other employers?   

The people. I’ve never worked with a more passionate, caring, friendly and unique bunch of people.

Tips for others who would like to work at Greencarrier?

Have a genuine passion in transport and also a constant requirement for betterment of yourself and others. If you truly enjoy what you do and are always willing to learn and work hard, you will fit right in at Greencarrier.