Placeholder title

Name: Aksel Marconini Cappelen
Location: Oslo, Norway
Title: Teamleader Sales Support, Greencarrier Freight Services
Working at Greencarrier since: February 2015
Describe yourself in three words: Outgoing, committed and loyal

How would you describe your role? 
It is a sales oriented role in the newly established Business Solution group in Norway. At Business Solutions, we work with innovation! In addition to working with streamlining and increasing efficiency for processes touching all our products (Road, Sea, Rail and Air), we have also stablished a Sales Support team. This way we can support and help to increase sales in addition to support the sales force with creating offers and collecting rates.

What is your favourite (work-related) memory from your time at Greencarrier so far?  
The 10-years jubilee was definitely a good time, but also that I won the Greencarrier Spirit Challenge in 2019, where I got the opportunity to launch an environmental project called “Green Contribution” in the name of Greencarrier. (Green Contribution is an initiative where we give all our customers in Norway the possibility to be part of an environmental project by paying a small fee. The first thing we wanted to do was to put so called ”Port Bins” in all the ports we operate in Norway, to collect garbage from the ocean surface.)

Tips for others that would like to work at Greencarrier?
If you have a passion for logistics and have ideas on how to make the industry greener, Greencarrier is a good place to start.

Sustainable logistics solutions is close to the heart of Greencarrier. Why is this so important and how do you contribute to green thinking in your role?
Sustainable logistics is very important because we have to care for our planet now, it’s up to all of us to act and do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment. For us at Greencarrier, it is important to be a partner who offers environmental solutions as well as educating our clients in how to be greener. 

What differs Greencarrier from other employers?
Even though we are expanding and growing every day, we are still small enough to see all our employees. Our leaders and owners listens and if you have a voice, you will be heard