Meet a Greencarrier

Helena Wang

Name: Helena Wang
Location: Tianjin, China
Title: Branch Manager, Greencarrier Freight Services
Working at Greencarrier since: November 2014
Describe yourself in three words:  Reliable, patience, supportive

How did you end up at Greencarrier and how is it to work here?
I joined Greencarrier Qingdao office in 2014, and joined Tianjin new office this year 2019.
Really looking forward to be here at the new office, as well the new city!

What inspires you - in both work and life?
My family inspires me, they always support me so much. My managers inspire me; they guide me and help me when I need it. And of course, my colleagues inspire me! They work very hard and we trust each other.

How do you apply the Greencarrier core values in your day-to-day work – Commitment, Involvement and Humour & Joy?
We provide our customer the best logistics solutions with professional knowledge and good service. In this office, we have a lot of discussions and we make decision together. Every colleague can be involved in the Greencarrier team. As to the work, we take it seriously. We enjoy our job and the work place.

Which are the biggest trends within the industry right now?
This industry will keep growing fast. Especially for China; a big and potential market. But also: more Scaling, technology, specialization and sustainable logistics solution is required.

What does the Greencarrier’s mindset “Yes, it’s possible!” mean to you?
We face many challenges every day, but we never say no before trying our best to find the solutions!