Meet a Greencarrier

Katy Bonham

Name: Katy Bonham
Location: Nottinghamshire, England
Title: External Sales Executive, Greencarrier Freight Services UK
Working at Greencarrier since: March 2018
Describe yourself in three words: Outgoing, Approachable and Fun

How would you describe your role?
My role is find and develop business for Greencarrier UK for Air, Ocean, Rail and Road Freight. This involves speaking to potential new customers, looking after existing customers and also liaising with our teams in other countries to follow up prospects and make sure our products are matching what our customers want and need.

What is the most exciting part of your job?
I really enjoy finding a potential new customer who has a problem with their supply chain that we can help solve. A lot of our job in logistics is problem solving, and that is the most rewarding. Developing and matching our products to customer’s needs is for me the most exciting part of the job.

What does customer focus mean to you and how do you apply it in your work?
For me it is getting to know our customers so well that we know what they need to make their business run how they want it to. Their supply chain and logistics partner should fit seamlessly into being an extension of their business and I think we can only do that through getting to know how their business works now and how they envisage hey want develop it to work in the future.

What is good logistics in your opinion?
In my opinion good logistics is customer focused as above, but with the most sustainable solutions we can find to fit their needs. Good logistics also need to be agile and ready to change as required to fit with our customer and the market conditions. Excellent team work, communication and knowledge is required!

Sustainable logistics solutions are close to the heart of Greencarrier. Why should green thinking be important when it comes to logistics solutions?
Logistics is a massive part of our modern world now, with manufacturing and industry often no longer being “local” which means often goods can attract a huge carbon foot print before arriving at their final required destination. Logistics is a large part of that, so we need to make sure we are looking at the best solutions to reduce the impact of the supply chain on this carbon footprint to work towards a healthier planet.

Do you have any tips to customers planning their transportation?
The cheapest invoice price is not always the best value! When considering transport partners, look at whether their values align with your business, and whether they “get” what you’re trying to achieve. Also be open to different solutions in the future which may improve your efficiencies, and look for partners who are experts in the areas you are looking to work in, not just a jack of all trades, master of none!

How would you describe the Greencarrier Culture?
Very open! The company is always looking at the best ways to adapt and change, and like to stay curious to how new things can improve what we offer to the marketplace. We are certainly a lot more open minded than logistics companies I have worked with before who are often too big to be as agile and adaptive as we are at Greencarrier.