Meet a Greencarrier

Erik Sjöström

Name: Erik Sjöström
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Title: Supply Chain Specialist, Greencarrier Freight Services
Working at Greencarrier since: November 2018
Describe yourself in three words: Bald, bold and energetic

How would you describe your role?
I belong to the commercial organization but my role is to act as a cross functional link between sales, IT and operations. My focus is centred on understanding our clients supply chain as a whole and create logistics solutions that meet their strategic needs.

What is the most exciting part of your job?
I like working across functions because I get to interact with people with various backgrounds and different skillsets. It is very developing, and sometimes frustrating, to realize that your own view of the world is not always the same as others. I also like that my job is about development and improvements rather than maintaining status quo.

What inspires you - in both work and life?
People that think outside the box and find their own ways in life. It is also very inspiring to venture into new areas outside your comfort zone, e.g. being afraid of heights and putting yourself in a hot air balloon, buying a house in Italy where nobody has lived the last 30 years without know the language etc.

Tips for others that would like to work at Greencarrier?
If you apply a “yes can do" mentality then Greencarrier is full of opportunities.

Which are the biggest trends within the industry right now?
Sustainability, digitalization, automation. 

Sustainable logistics solutions is close to the heart of Greencarrier. Why is this so important and how do you contribute to green thinking in your role?
I would say sustainability is key to everything in life, for me it is about finding the balance that makes you happy. Within Greencarrier I have an overall responsibility for our emission calculations where the main contribution is quantifying our client’s carbon footprint and helping them eliminate it.