Meet a Greencarrier

Bastian Schem Alegria

Name: Bastian Schem Alegria
Location: Oslo, Norway
Title: Ocean Freight Coordinator TCT & LCL Product manager, Greencarrier Freight Services Norway
Working at Greencarrier since: 2019
Describe yourself in three words: Humble, determined and sporty

How would you describe your role?
As part of the TCT team, I handle the order/booking flow for our Norwegian offices and end customers, mainly from Far East. I also monitor and control the carrier contracts on our rate-view platform. In addition, I recently was assigned to further develop the LCL-product and such related tasks.

What is good logistics in your opinion?
Delivering high quality service through sustainable solutions.

What does customer focus mean to you and how do you apply it in your work?
Exceeding customer expectations and having the customer to be left with an “out of the ordinary” service experience.

Sustainable logistics solutions are close to the heart of Greencarrier. Why should green thinking be important when it comes to logistics solutions?
We should all do our best to decrease our carbon footprint and the impact we have on the environment. Thinking green will help to improve and develope environmental focus.

Do you have any tips to customers planning their transportation?Planification in advance is the main key. Communicate all needed details regards to your freight needs and involve your forwarder at early stage for advice and guidance.

How would you describe the Greencarrier Culture?
Welcoming and including. I value the diversity of people age and gender, how we work as a team and how we deliver service.

How do you apply the Greencarrier core values in your day-to-day work – Commitment, Involvement and Humour & Joy?
I’m very proud of my job and I thrive very well. That reflects through our values. At our team we’re very engaged and we share a common understanding that by working together we deliver the best. We do so by working together and sharing knowledge, which shows involvement. We are sincerely interested in what we do which reflects on the commitment. And last but not least, I feel that we share the same sense of humour and have a lot of fun together.