Name: Greta Salimovaite
Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania
Title: HR generalist, Greencarrier Group
Working at Greencarrier since: March 2017
Describe yourself in three words: organised, honest and friendly

How did you end up at Greencarrier and how is it to work here?
I heard about Greencarrier and that it was great company to work for, even before I sent my CV. So when I found an opening on the website, I applied for it and got the job! I love working here, and I often think about different experiences in different companies that I worked in and that makes me appreciate Greencarrier even more.

How would you describe your role?
I am a part of the Greencarrier Group’s HR team, working with employees in Lithuania. Each day is different; it might be that I have interviews with candidates and meetings with employees, so I am actively communicating with people. However, some days I might doing administration, researching work law changes or taking care of some local initiatives, like volunteering with colleagues.

What is your favourite (work-related) memory from your time at Greencarrier so far? 
I have so many already! But if to choose only one, I would probably say that days spent with colleagues in Leadership Training. It was inspiring, interesting, informative, useful and fun.

What inspires you - in both work and life?
Honesty. So many good thing can come out of it: new ideas, friendships, funny situations and interesting conversations.

How do you apply the Greencarrier core values in your day-to-day work – Commitment, Involvement and Humour & Joy?
Involvement and commitment comes naturally because I enjoy my job and care about this company and people who work here. Humour and joy sometimes takes an effort as it is easy to forget when very busy with work. However, it is an effort that is worth taking.

What does the Greencarrier’s mindset “Yes, it’s possible!” mean to you?
I see it as a method to approach difficult situations. Look for new ways, think out of the box, self-motivate to do your best and never give up.