Name: Sara Jivesten
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Title: Sales, Greencarrier Liner Agency
Working at Greencarrier since: June 2016
Describe yourself with three words: Fun, social and outspoken.

Why do you work at Greencarrier and what is it like?  
I work at Greencarrier because they have believed in me since my first day and because of my great colleagues. It is very fun to work here but also challenging sometimes, you need to be quick and think on your feet.

What is the most exciting part of your job?
Meeting our customers, definitely!

What does your workday look like?  
A lot of talking with our customers, fixing rates and filings and a lot of laughing with my colleagues.

What is your favourite quote and why?
It is in Swedish in original, but something like this “I think that when we go through time, all the best things are yet to come”. I love this quote because it is very positive and it inspires me that life always will be better.

How do you apply the Greencarrier core values in your day to day work – Commitment, Involvement and Humour & Joy?
I always try to be committed in my day to day work. I am convinced that our customers appreciate, value and notice it when you are committed, so that is something I try to be all the time. In the office I try to spread a lot of happiness and joyfulness.

Tips for others who would like to work at Greencarrier?  
Take the chance when you get it and always bring your a-game! People will notice it and appreciate your hard work.